1966 Mustang GT

Last modified: January 20, 1998
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Towards the end of Jeff's junior year in high school (1983) he found his first car sitting on a side road in Dodge City. It is a 1966 Ford Mustang GT Coup. He bought it for $1800, and had a $700 paint job put on it. The original paint had been ruined during a battery explosion. The original owner was trying to jump start another car, and got the cables reversed. The other cars battery exploded, spraying acid all over the Mustang. The above picture was what it looked like just after he bought it. There was no rust on the car, the original owner lived in the Death Valley, CA area before moving to Dodge City, KS.

Here are the current technical details of the car:

Mustang Specs

"What's this? Rust? You said there wasn't any rust!"

True. There wasn't any rust. Now there is. When Jeff decided to go to KSU in 1986, he decided he didn't want to take his car and get it all beat up in the student parking lots. So he rented a garage in Dodge City, and parked the car in there. He left for college safe in the knowledge that his car was safe.

Jeff's brother drove it for awhile. He wore the front tires right off of it, literally. It was parked after the front tire escapade, and remained there until Jeff graduated in 1991 from Masters School. He pulled it out and found a deteriated, rusted, hulk. So many things need fixing on it, we're not sure we can afford to do it. But it still runs, and gets Jeff to and from work everyday. He puts less than 1000 miles a year on it now.


The transmission has been fixed. The carberator has been rebuilt. It survived the trip to Norman when we moved. Next up - the radiator.

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